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     Been a minute since i blogged so i figured I'd throw one up. Some new things to talk about. We added a rewards and loyalty program to the website. Its very simple to use. Look for the white box on the left side of the screen, click on it and it will guide you through the sign up process. We love giving back to you guys and gals every way we can. without you there is no Greenman ejuice.

     We have added a few new flavors. 42 is a light strawberry cheesecake and its devine. Lemon Jenner is a creamy lemon cupcake. We celebrate everyone's right to express themselves and live their lives how they wish. This is our lighthearted tribute to Caitlyn Jenner. And finally, Lordy Lord. Lordy Lord is named after a beloved customer. Its made up of a blend of Yamps and Lemon Jenner. Its a very creamy complex vape that is sure to please.

     Well, thanks for reading and we love ya. i will try to blog more and get more into industry issues and where we as a company stand on things.take it easy folks.

                                                                                          ~ The Greenman